This tutorial is for old version. Click here to read how to book tatkal ticket using latest IRCTC Tatkal Plus

Have you ever have fantasy of successfully booking a confirm ticket from IRCTC website, especially during vacation time. Your fantasy may turn true if you stay with me for 5 minutes. To book a tatkal ticket you need to download IRCTC Tatkal add-on for your browser. Currently, It is available only for Mozilla Firefox browser. If you don't have Firefox installed, Click here to download Mozilla Firefox
If you have Firefox installed follow me to the next step.

Download IRCTC Tatkal Addon

Download IRCTC Tatkal addon mozilla firefox

You need to download and install IRCTC Tatkal addon.

Download Now

IRCTC Tatkal Menu

Open add-on menu by clicking on the IRCTC Tatkal icon in the toolbar. If it is not there customize firefox to place IRCTC Tatkal icon in toolbar.

Click on Book Ticket to open Journey Planner

Download IRCTC Tatkal addon mozilla firefox

Plan your journey

Fill all the details from login credentials to the payment type in advance. You can check the current availability status by clicking on refresh icon on top. During tatkal hour you can get live booking status by activating it from play icon on top. To edit the passenger and payment details click on edit icon.

ticket planner

Get Relaxed! We will take care of rest

Go to IRCTC 2-3 minutes before the tatkal time. Enter the captcha text when asked to do so. We will take care of the rest. That's all! You have increased your chances of getting confirm ticket by 95%.